Saturday, March 10, 2012

London 2012 Olympics

Here is a basemap that could be used for my final project.

It is a neutral background with minimum labels, that can be used for a London 2012 Olympics map.

IAAF World Indoor Championships

My Track Coach is the Olympic Relay Coordinator, and this week he was in Turkey for the IAAF World Championships. So I figured that would be my next Map. I made a map of the top 5 (so far) medal ranked countries at the meet. I included how many medals they have, who and what event the medals were received, as well as the total team points, and the overall place. All the information was retrieved from && the flags were from google.

here is my map:


Silly mistakes...

I have got to remember my log in information on ArcGIS before I make a map next time.

I guess I will make this map again once i recover my log in and password.

Better news:
I learned how to change the symbols on the maps (:
-You will see I was able to insert flags as the symbols, once I make my map again. It looked nice until it deleted...

I shall return....with a map