Sunday, February 19, 2012


I just reached a turning point with this website. I was getting a little worried because I thought I would have to create layers manually, which was going to end up being a lot to handle. But I was clicking around and found that I can search layers, change the canvas, add demographic information, all kinds of things. The data was already collected. 

Needless to say... I just got very EXCITED!

I was looking at some tips on making great base maps, and people want simple background so that they can create their own maps--yes, I know it took me awhile to notice that. It is like when you are selling a house. You present the house with simple items, so that the potential buyer can visualize putting their own flare to the space, promoting them to buy the house; same with base maps.

For my end-of-the-year project, I have to figure out how to create simple base maps that people want to use. What am I going to do with my maps that sets them apart from other simple, base maps...hmmm?

back to thinking and wondering around on ArcGIS 

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