Friday, May 11, 2012


     This program is really cool. I think that if this is open for anyone to make a map (geography or not) i think that there should be more step-by-step videos on how to work some of the things, like publishing maps, making labels annotative, putting a timeline on a map to provide some type of movement. The website itself, is very cool, and i am really glad that there is an application that anyone can use to make a map. It allows everyone to get excited about map making and geography.

      I loved the freedom of this class. what I realized that I am better in the classroom then online. I really need a structured format of what i need to do and when it is done. I realized that I am a bigger procrastinator then I thought, and I am glad that I learned this now, because I have time to work on this. I love making maps, and learning at my own pace, but it would have been better if I either set deadlines at the beginning of the semester or if they were set for me. Time management and scheduling are skills I will improve on, especially now that I am not only starting my master's program in the Fall, and being a Grad. Assistant. I am going have to find a balance between what is required of me for my own coursework, as well as what I am supposed to do as a an assistant (grading papers, having office hours, helping students, etc).

     The course was exactly what I wanted it to be. I was able to make maps, while not being stressed out for my last semester of my undergrad. I looked at maps, and sports, and incorporated topics like my personal journey from 1992-2012, and my sisters future school. I didn't think geography and sports would have anything to do with each other but I was wrong. Geography can be used for any and everything, which is so cool! I knew I was making a good decision when I declared it as one of my majors 4 years ago.

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