Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Upset

I have been working on a topographic map of all the schools that participated at University of New Mexico's Cherry and Silver Track Meet last weekend for a few hours now. I finally put the finishing touches on my map (after having to start over 3 times) and... it deletes!

Apparently I do not have an account on though I thought I did--so I need to work out those kinks first before I am going to slave over another map.

It looked very nice though, so I am going to re-due it and post it later on today.

Some notes I have on ArcGIS so far:
--> I don't like that I have to create a new layer for each school in order for them to be on map. I wish there was a layer already made for Universities, that I could just select those that participated through a search.
--> I liked that I could link webpages to the pinpoint, as well as a description and image.
--> I wonder if you could do 3D maps using

Just some thoughts after working with this last map. Don't worry, I will figure out everything and have a map posted up soon!!!

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