Thursday, April 12, 2012

map contents

In many of my mapping classes they tell you all the key components that a real map needs in order to be a complete map. Things like having a title, the authors name, comps, legend, source, a border, etc. I love that ArcGIS allows you to create these really cool maps, but I do not understand why basic components like adding a north arrow, scale, and legend are not available to the author--either that or someone knows something that I don't. I looked through the overview and how to work ArcGIS but don't know where to go to actually create these elements on the map itself. Even when you are making a map, the tab for a legend is there, but I do not know how to edit it, and that frustrates me. Why offer only a part of a great tool?

or maybe I am just missing something?!?

I'm stumped & tired, ill look around some more this weekend.


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